The Credential pass and the officiale certificate of pilgrimage

The travel documents that accompany the pilgrim on the Franciscan Protomartyrs' Way

The Credential

The Credential is an identity pass issued to pilgrims, helping to distinguish them from all other travellers. The pass will be dated and stamped by each establishment, to mark every leg of the journey. 
It is issued by a religious organisation which is liable for its contents, so the pass must be used responsibly. 

The Certificate

Those who reach Terni by walking can request the official "Certificate confirming that the pilgrimage" has been completed. 

To obtain the "Certificate confirming that the pilgrimage", pilgrims must present the Credenziale in person at Chiesa di Sant'Antonio (Church of St. Anthony) - Santuario dei Protomartiri Francescani, via S. Antonio, 21 - 05100 Terni.

Ask for the Pilgrim's Credential

In order to receive the credential, fill out the form below. Your credential will be sent to your home. 
In case of problems, please contact us by email at the address


To avoid confusion, write your email address here, exactly as it should be written for your postal service.

Ask to receive the credentials for embarking on the DEVOTIONIS CAUSA pilgrimage

(1)Indicate the actual place from which you intend to start your pilgrimage
(2)Indicate the Holy Place that you intend to be your place of arrival
(3)The pilgrim's credential should be requested at least 3 weeks before departure (2 months for delivery outside Italy) to allow for it to be sent by post. 

The credenziale is issued to those who require it in a spirit of faith  and who undertake to abide by the direction and content; it can be obtained by filling this form.

There are different forms of hospitality available to those who are walking

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  • the way of the franciscan proto martyrs repubblica italiana
  • the way of the franciscan proto martyrs regione umbria

  • the way of the franciscan proto martyrs fesr
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