Tappa 6 Santuario Antoniano dei Protomartiri Francescani. Pellegrinaggio dei Protomartiri Francescani Umbria Italia

The Way of the Franciscan Proto-martyrs

Stage 6 - from Cesi to Terni

Final stage of the Walk of the Franciscan Protomartyrs, taking you mainly along tarmac roads.

Final leg. It takes place mostly on a flat road.
Highlights of the day are the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Oro (St. Mary of the Gold) where St. Bernardino of Siena wanted to build the ancient Franciscan convent.
The Church of St. Antonio, also called “The Anthonian Protomartyrs' Sanctuary”, is the final destination of our pilgrimage.
It enshrines the relics of our saints. Paintings by Piero Casentini adorn the altar.
Cesi (Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta)
Terni (Chiesa di Sant'Antonio - Santuario dei Protomartiri Francescani)
13 Km
Increase in altitude
+ 192
Loss of altitude
- 520
Road Sign
Travel time
3 hours
Water sources
Resting areas
Degree of difficulty
With your back to the main door of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, turn right into the narrow downhill road, Strada Santa Maria della Bottega. Continue on for approximately 100 metres until you come to Via Casella. Turn right and continue on for another 100 metres downhill, until you get to Via Bella Vista (you will see a Chemist’s shop opposite). Turn right, or in other words continue walking along on the right. Continue on for 250 metres (the road also is indicated as Viale Regina Elena). Turn left into the steep downhill road, Strada della Pittura, and continue on for approximately 300 metres (on the right after a sharp bend you can admire an ancient Roman wall made of large blocks of stone) and then take Strada di Condotto on the right and continue on for 400 metres until you come to the fork of Strada di Condotto. Take the road on the left (a gate on the right will confirm the direction) and continue on for 500 metres until you come to Strada di Mazzamorello and turn into it, to the left. Continue on along this road without, making any detours, for 1.5 km until you reach the Cesi Railway Station.
Go past the Cesi Railway Station, keeping it on your right, and continue on for 150 metres (on the pavement on the left of the road) until you come to the sign indicating Via Giovanni Ecchio on the right.Here, the entrance to Via Giovanni Ecchio is very wide and it leads us to a car park and, on the left, there is the real entrance to Via Giovanni Ecchio.
stage 6 figuresContinue on along Via Giovanni Ecchio for 400 metres and turn right at the first crossroads you come to. Then walk under the railway bridge, continue on for 300 metres and turn left. Keeping to the left, take Via delle Terre Arnolfe and continue on along the municipal road for 600 metres. Then turn left in the direction of the Church of San Giovanni Bosco (3.20 km from the departure point) slightly uphill for 200 metres and then turn right (See photo 1). Walk alongside the football field (beneath the metal grandstands), keeping to the right and then, as soon as you get to the end of the dirt path, turn left and take the railway underpass. Walking out of the underpass, turn right into Strada di Campomaggiore and then Via Macinarotta and continue straight on for about 2 km.
When you reach a crossroads with a small roundabout, take the second narrow road on the right, Via delle Cinque Strade, and continue on along this road for 1.1 km. Turn left into Strada di Santa Maria La Rocca for approximately 100 metres, then turn right and a little further on cross the dual carriageway flyover.Continue on along the slightly uphill road, turn left at the junction and turn right immediately into Strada di Palmetta. Continue on for approximately 1 km.
Just after the bend to the left, turn right after 50 metres into Via Colle dell'Oro and you will arrive at the Church of Colle dell'Oro (8.5 km from the departure point).
Leaving the Church square, turn right into a downhill gravel road, walking alongside the wall on the right and, after about 200 metres, take the little path that you will find before you. At the end of the path, take the local tarmac lane and turn left. After another 200 metres, turn right into the main road, Strada di Rosaro, and continue on downhill for 1.1 km. Be careful at the crossroads and cross the road on the zebra crossing. Take Via Piemonte and continue on over the railway flyover. Continue on for 500 metres until you reach a crossroads with a level crossing on the right and turn right. After passing the level crossing, continue on along Via Eugenio Chiesa for 350 metres and then turn right at the traffic light. Take via Curio Dentato and after 100 metres you will reach your destination, the Church of Saint Anthony - Antonian Sanctuary of the Franciscan Protomartyrs
What you should know before departure
There are water fountains in Foligno: Bar del Cacciatore - Chiesa di San Giovanni Bosco - Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Oro.
Remember to fill your water bottle with at least 1.5 litres of water in the summer.
Intermediate stages
During this stage, there are no places equipped for lunch, so you need to take a packed lunch to be eaten even at the Chiesa di San Giovanni Bosco or to Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Oro.
Bar del Cacciatore in Via delle Terre Arnolfe numero 43.
We recommend that you have the maps of the trail with you.
Information (e.g. how to get there using public transport)
Terni Municipal Police Tel. 0744 426000
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The Way of the Franciscan Proto-martyrs

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Stage 6

From Cesi to Terni

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The Way of the Franciscan Proto-martyrs

From Terni to Terni

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